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2023-08-31Rapid7 LabsEvan McCann, Natalie Zargarov, Thomas Elkins, Tyler McGraw
Fake Update Utilizes New IDAT Loader To Execute StealC and Lumma Infostealers
FAKEUPDATES Amadey HijackLoader Lumma Stealer SectopRAT
2023-02-13Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
Beepin’ Out of the Sandbox: Analyzing a New, Extremely Evasive Malware
2022-12-29Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
New CatB Ransomware Employs 2-Year Old DLL Hijacking Technique To Evade Detection
2022-07-10Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
Lockbit 3.0 AKA Lockbit Black is here, with a new icon, new ransom note, new wallpaper, but less evasiveness?
2022-05-03Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
A new BluStealer Loader Uses Direct Syscalls to Evade EDRs
2022-03-28Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
SunCrypt Ransomware Gains New Capabilities in 2022
2022-01-03MinervaLabsNatalie Zargarov
Malicious Telegram Installer Drops Purple Fox Rootkit
2021-12-09Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
A new StrongPity variant hides behind Notepad++ installation
2021-11-23Minerva LabsNatalie Zargarov
A Long List Of Arkei Stealer's Crypto Browser Wallets
Arkei Stealer
2021-11-02MinervaNatalie Zargarov
Underminer Exploit Kit: The More You Check The More Evasive You Become
Amadey Oski Stealer RedLine Stealer UnderminerEK