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2023-03-30ElasticDaniel Stepanic, Devon Kerr, Joe Desimone, Remco Sprooten, Samir Bousseaden
Elastic users protected from SUDDENICON’s supply chain attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-27ElasticRemco Sprooten
REF2924: how to maintain persistence as an (advanced?) threat
Godzilla Webshell Behinder NAPLISTENER SiestaGraph REF2924
2023-03-20ElasticRemco Sprooten
NAPLISTENER: more bad dreams from developers of SIESTAGRAPH
2023-02-02ElasticAndrew Pease, Cyril François, Devon Kerr, Remco Sprooten, Salim Bitam, Seth Goodwin
Update to the REF2924 intrusion set and related campaigns
DoorMe ShadowPad SiestaGraph