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2024-03-29ElasticSamir Bousseaden
In- the- Wild Windows LPE 0- days: Insights & Detection Strategies
2023-03-30ElasticDaniel Stepanic, Devon Kerr, Joe Desimone, Remco Sprooten, Samir Bousseaden
Elastic users protected from SUDDENICON’s supply chain attack
3CX Backdoor
2022-12-16ElasticAndrew Pease, Daniel Stepanic, Devon Kerr, Salim Bitam, Samir Bousseaden, Seth Goodwin
SiestaGraph: New implant uncovered in ASEAN member foreign ministry
DoorMe SiestaGraph
2022-03-07ElasticAndrew Pease, Cyril François, Daniel Stepanic, Derek Ditch, Github (@1337-42), Joe Desimone, Samir Bousseaden
PHOREAL Malware Targets the Southeast Asian Financial Sector
2022-03-01ElasticAndrew Pease, Cyril François, Daniel Stepanic, Github (@1337-42), Github (@ayfaouzi), Github (@jtnk), Mark Mager, Samir Bousseaden
Elastic protects against data wiper malware targeting Ukraine: HERMETICWIPER
2022-02-07ElasticSamir Bousseaden
Exploring Windows UAC Bypasses: Techniques and Detection Strategies
2022-01-19ElasticAndrew Pease, Daniel Stepanic, James Spiteri, Joe Desimone, Mark Mager, Samir Bousseaden
Operation Bleeding Bear
2021-12-23ElasticJoe Desimone, Samir Bousseaden
Elastic Security uncovers BLISTER malware campaign
2021-03-18ElasticSamir Bousseaden
Hunting for Lateral Movement using Event Query Language
2020-06-25ElasticDaniel Stepanic, Samir Bousseaden
A close look at the advanced techniques used in a Malaysian-focused APT campaign