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2024-01-03UptycsKarthickkumar Kathiresan, Shilpesh Trivedi
Ukraine Targeted by UAC-0050 Using Remcos RAT Pipe Method for Evasion
2023-11-03UptycsShilpesh Trivedi, Uptycs Threat Research
GhostSec: From Fighting ISIS to Possibly Targeting Israel with RaaS
GhostLocker GhostSec
2023-10-03Twitter (@ShilpeshTrivedi)Shilpesh Trivedi
Tweet about possible Rebranding/Deriviate for ERMAC called Rusty Droid
2023-01-23UptycsKarthickkumar Kathiresan, Shilpesh Trivedi
The Titan Stealer: Notorious Telegram Malware Campaign - Uptycs
2022-05-31UptycsPritam Salunkhe, Shilpesh Trivedi
WarzoneRAT Can Now Evade Detection With Process Hollowing
Ave Maria
2021-09-01UptycsPritam Salunkhe, Shilpesh Trivedi
LOLBins Are No Laughing Matter: How Attackers Operate Quietly
2020-11-25UptycsAbhijit Mohanta, Shilpesh Trivedi
Warzone RAT comes with UAC bypass technique
Ave Maria