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2022-08-19vmwareOleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani
How to Replicate Emotet Lateral Movement
2022-06-29vmwareGiovanni Vigna, Stefano Ortolani
Lateral Movement in the Real World: A Quantitative Analysis
2022-05-25vmwareOleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani
Emotet Config Redux
2022-05-16vmwareJason Zhang, Oleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet Moves to 64 bit and Updates its Loader
2022-03-04vmwareGiovanni Vigna, Oleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Hermetic Malware: Multi-component Threat Targeting Ukraine Organizations
2021-11-11vmwareGiovanni Vigna, Jason Zhang, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Research Recap: How To Automate Malware Campaign Detection With Telemetry Peak Analyzer
Phorpiex QakBot
2020-06-02Lastline LabsJames Haughom, Stefano Ortolani
Evolution of Excel 4.0 Macro Weaponization
Agent Tesla DanaBot ISFB TrickBot Zloader
2020-02-18LastlineJason Zhang, Stefano Ortolani
Nemty Ransomware Scaling UP: APAC Mailboxes Swarmed by Dual Downloaders
Nemty Phorpiex
2019-09-30LastlineJason Zhang, Stefano Ortolani
HELO Winnti: Attack or Scan?
2018-05-31LastlineAndy Norton, David Wells, Luukas Larinkoski, Stefano Ortolani
APT28 Rollercoaster: The Lowdown on Hijacked Lo
2018-02-21LastlineAlexander Sevtsov, Stefano Ortolani
Olympic Destroyer: A new Candidate in South Korea
Olympic Destroyer