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2023-03-31vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Investigating 3CX Desktop Application Attacks: What You Need to Know
3CX Backdoor
2022-11-21vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Threat Analysis: Active C2 Discovery Using Protocol Emulation Part4 (Dacls, aka MATA)
2022-10-25VMware Threat Analysis UnitTakahiro Haruyama
Tracking the entire iceberg: long-term APT malware C2 protocol emulation and scanning
ShadowPad Winnti
2022-10-03vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Emotet Exposed: A Look Inside the Cybercriminal Supply Chain
2022-05-16vmwareJason Zhang, Oleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet Moves to 64 bit and Updates its Loader
2022-03-29vmwareJason Zhang, Oleg Boyarchuk, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet C2 Configuration Extraction and Analysis
2022-03-23vmwareSagar Daundkar, Threat Analysis Unit
SysJoker – An Analysis of a Multi-OS RAT
SysJoker SysJoker SysJoker
2022-03-04vmwareGiovanni Vigna, Oleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Hermetic Malware: Multi-component Threat Targeting Ukraine Organizations
2022-02-25vmwareSudhir Devkar, Threat Analysis Unit
AvosLocker – Modern Linux Ransomware Threats
2022-02-07vmwareJason Zhang, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet Is Not Dead (Yet) – Part 2
2022-01-21vmwareJason Zhang, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet Is Not Dead (Yet)
2021-12-23vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Introducing DARTH: Distributed Analysis for Research and Threat Hunting
2021-11-11vmwareGiovanni Vigna, Jason Zhang, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Research Recap: How To Automate Malware Campaign Detection With Telemetry Peak Analyzer
Phorpiex QakBot
2021-03-25VMWare Carbon BlackBaibhav Singh, Giovanni Vigna, Threat Analysis Unit
Memory Forensics for Virtualized Hosts
2021-02-23vmwareThreat Analysis Unit
Iron Rain: Understanding Nation-State Motives and APT Groups
2019-11-19VMWare Carbon BlackVMWare
Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) Threat Intelligence Notification: AsyncRAT
2019-09-30vmwareScott Knight
CB Threat Analysis Unit: Technical Analysis of “Crosswalk”
2019-09-05vmwareSwee Lai Lee
CB Threat Analysis Unit Technical Breakdown: GermanWiper Ransomware