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Rhysida Ransomware: History, TTPs And Adversary Emulation Plans
Rhysida Rhysida Vanilla Tempest
2019-06-05FireEyeSwapnil Patil
Government Sector in Central Asia Targeted With New HAWKBALL Backdoor Delivered via Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities
2018-07-26FireEyeSwapnil Patil
Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities Used to Distribute FELIXROOT Backdoor in Recent Campaign
2018-01-17FireEyeSwapnil Patil, Yogesh Londhe
Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities Used to Distribute Zyklon Malware in Recent Campaign
2017-07-25FireEyeSwapnil Patil, Yogesh Londhe
HawkEye Credential Theft Malware Distributed in Recent Phishing Campaign
HawkEye Keylogger