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2022-04-07MicrosoftTom Burt
Disrupting cyberattacks targeting Ukraine (APT28)
2022-01-15MicrosoftTom Burt
Malware attacks targeting Ukraine government (DEV-0586)
2021-12-06MicrosoftTom Burt
Protecting people from recent cyberattacks
2021-10-24MicrosoftTom Burt
New activity from Russian actor Nobelium
2021-10-07MicrosoftTom Burt
Russian cyberattacks pose greater risk to governments and other insights from our annual report
2021-05-30MicrosoftTom Burt
Defend and deter
2021-05-27MicrosoftTom Burt
Another Nobelium Cyberattack
2021-03-02MicrosoftTom Burt
New nation-state cyberattacks (HAFNIUM)
2020-12-21MicrosoftTom Burt
Cyber Mercenaries Don’t Deserve Immunity
2020-11-13MicrosoftTom Burt
Cyberattacks targeting health care must stop
Ruby Sleet
2020-10-28MicrosoftTom Burt
Cyberattacks target international conference attendees (APT35/PHOSPHORUS)
2020-10-20MicrosoftTom Burt
An update on disruption of Trickbot
2020-10-12MicrosoftTom Burt
New action to combat ransomware ahead of U.S. elections
Ryuk TrickBot
2020-09-10MicrosoftTom Burt
New cyberattacks targeting U.S. elections
2020-07-07MicrosoftTom Burt
Microsoft takes legal action against COVID-19-related cybercrime
2020-03-10MicrosoftTom Burt
New action to disrupt world’s largest online criminal network
2019-03-27MicrosoftTom Burt
New steps to protect customers from hacking
APT35 Charming Kitten Cleaver