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2024-06-21ElasticJoe Desimone, Samir Bousseaden
GrimResource - Microsoft Management Console for initial access and evasion
Cobalt Strike
2024-05-15MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Threat actors misusing Quick Assist in social engineering attacks leading to ransomware
Black Basta Cobalt Strike QakBot
2024-05-01MicrosoftDimitrios Valsamaras
“Dirty stream” attack: Discovering and mitigating a common vulnerability pattern in Android apps
2024-04-25MicrosoftMicrosoft Incident Response Team
Guidance for Incident Responders
2024-04-22MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Analyzing Forest Blizzard’s custom post-compromise tool for exploiting CVE-2022-38028 to obtain credentials
2024-04-17MicrosoftClint Watts, Microsoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC)
Russian US election interference targets support for Ukraine after slow start
2024-04-17MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC)
Nation-states engage in US-focused influence operations ahead of US presidential election
2024-04-17MicrosoftHagai Ran Kestenberg, Yossi Weizman
Attackers exploiting new critical OpenMetadata vulnerabilities on Kubernetes clusters
2024-04-13cyber5wcyber5w, M4lcode
Analysis of malicious Microsoft office macros
AsyncRAT Ave Maria
2024-04-11MicrosoftMark Russinovich
How Microsoft discovers and mitigates evolving attacks against AI guardrails
2024-04-04MicrosoftClint Watts, Microsoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC)
China tests US voter fault lines and ramps AI content to boost its geopolitical interests
2024-04-03Bleeping ComputerIonut Ilascu
Microsoft still unsure how hackers stole MSA key in 2023 Exchange attack
2024-04-01MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Analysis Center (MTAC)
Same targets, new playbooks: East Asia threat actors employ unique methods
2024-03-20MicrosoftSherrod DeGrippo
Tax season cybersecurity: What cybercriminals want and who they target most. Is it you?
2024-03-20CISACyber Safety Review Board
Review of the Summer 2023 Microsoft Exchange Online Intrusion
2024-03-13Trend MicroAliakbar Zahravi, Peter Girnus, Simon Zuckerbraun
CVE-2024-21412: DarkGate Operators Exploit Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Bypass in Zero-Day Campaign
2024-02-13Trend MicroAliakbar Zahravi, Peter Girnus, Simon Zuckerbraun
Water Hydra Targets Traders with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Zero-Day
2024-02-11Microsoft Security Intelligence
2024-02-07MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas
2024-01-30AT&T CybersecurityPeter Boyle
DarkGate malware delivered via Microsoft Teams - detection and response