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2022-03-28FortinetFred Gutierrez, James Slaughter, Val Saengphaibul
Spoofed Invoice Used to Drop IcedID
2022-03-23FortinetShunichi Imano, Val Saengphaibul
Bad Actors Trying to Capitalize on Current Events via Shameless Email Scams
2022-03-07FortinetFred Gutierrez, James Slaughter, Val Saengphaibul
Fake Purchase Order Used to Deliver Agent Tesla
Agent Tesla
2021-07-19FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered – Signed XLL File Delivers Buer Loader
2021-05-17FortinetFred Gutierrez, Gayathri Thirugnanasambandam, Val Saengphaibul
Newly Discovered Function in DarkSide Ransomware Variant Targets Disk Partitions
2021-05-03FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Spearphishing Attack Uses COVID-21 Lure to Target Ukrainian Government
2020-12-16FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Adversary Playbook: JavaScript RAT Looking for that Government Cheese
2020-06-15FortinetFred Gutierrez, Val Saengphaibul
Global Malicious Spam Campaign Using Black Lives Matter as a Lure