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2022-08-25BitdefenderAlexandru Maximciuc, Victor Vrabie
Hiding in the Shadows: Investigation of a Corporate Espionage Attack
2021-08-25BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Cristina Vatamanu, Eduard Budaca, Victor Vrabie
FIN8 Threat Actor Goes Agile with New Sardonic Backdoor
2021-07-21BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Victor Vrabie
LuminousMoth – PlugX, File Exfiltration and Persistence Revisited
2021-04-28BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Victor Vrabie
New Nebulae Backdoor Linked with the NAIKON Group
Aria-body Nebulae
2021-03-10BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Victor Vrabie
FIN8 Returns with Improved BADHATCH Toolkit
2020-11-16BitdefenderLiviu Arsene, Victor Vrabie
Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting South Eastern Asian Government Institutions
Chinoxy FunnyDream
2020-08-20BitdefenderAlexandru Maximciuc, Bogdan Rusu, Cristina Vatamanu, Liviu Arsene, Victor Vrabie
More Evidence of APT Hackers-for-Hire Usedfor Industrial Espionage