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2024-02-16Malcatmalcat team
Writing a Qakbot 5.0 config extractor with Malcat
2022-08-11Malcatmalcat team
LNK forensic and config extraction of a cobalt strike beacon
Cobalt Strike
2022-04-17Malcatmalcat team
Reversing a NSIS dropper using quick and dirty shellcode emulation
Loki Password Stealer (PWS)
2022-03-13Malcatmalcat team
Cutting corners against a Dridex downloader
2021-12-07Malcatmalcat team
Exploit, steganography and Delphi: unpacking DBatLoader
2021-08-16Malcatmalcat team
Statically unpacking a simple .NET dropper
Loki Password Stealer (PWS)