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2022-08-11sonatypeAx Sharma
PyPI Package 'secretslib' Drops Fileless Linux Malware to Mine Monero
2022-05-20sonatypeAx Sharma
New 'pymafka' malicious package drops Cobalt Strike on macOS, Windows, Linux
Cobalt Strike
2021-10-20sonatypeSonatype Security Research Team
Newly Found npm Malware Mines Cryptocurrency on Windows, Linux, macOS Devices
2021-06-21sonatypeAx Sharma
Sonatype Catches New PyPI Cryptomining Malware
2021-03-01sonatypeAx Sharma
Newly Identified Dependency Confusion Packages Target Amazon, Zillow, and Slack; Go Beyond Just Bug Bounties
2020-12-01sonatypeAx Sharma
There’s a RAT in my code: new npm malware with Bladabindi trojan spotted
2020-11-16sonatypeAx Sharma
Massive threat campaign strikes open-source repos, Sonatype spots new CursedGrabber malware
2020-09-02sonatypeAkshay 'Ax' Sharma
Inside the “fallguys” malware that steals your browsing data and gaming IMs; Continued attack on open source software