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2021-02-22tccontre Blogtcontre
Gh0stRat Anti-Debugging: Nested SEH (try - catch) to Decrypt and Load its Payload
Ghost RAT
2021-01-18tccontre Blogtcontre
Extracting Shellcode in ICEID .PNG Steganography
2020-11-05tccontre Blogtcontre
Interesting FormBook Crypter - unconventional way to store encrypted data
2020-08-10tccontre Blogtccontre
Learning From ICEID loader - Including its Steganography Payload Parsing
2020-05-14tccontre Blogtcontre
Netwalker Ransomware: [API Call Obfuscation (using Structure) and Evading Memory Forensic]
2020-04-08tccontre Blogtcontre
COVID19 Malware Analysis - with Kill MBR Feature
2019-11-05tccontre Blogtccontre
CobaltStrike - beacon.dll : Your No Ordinary MZ Header
Cobalt Strike