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The Kasablanka group is a cyber-criminal organization that has specifically targeted Russia between September and December 2022, using various payloads delivered through phishing emails containing socially engineered lnk files, zip packages, and executables attached to virtual disk image files.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2023-03-14Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Talos uncovers espionage campaigns targeting CIS countries, embassies and EU health care agency
Poet RAT Loda Kasablanka YoroTrooper
2022-11-17Cisco TalosChris Neal
Get a Loda This: LodaRAT meets new friends
Loda Kasablanka
2021-09-07ESET ResearchLukáš Štefanko
BladeHawk group: Android espionage against Kurdish ethnic group
888 RAT BladeHawk Kasablanka

Credits: MISP Project