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2024-02-15Cisco TalosArnaud Zobec, Asheer Malhotra, Holger Unterbrink, Vitor Ventura
TinyTurla Next Generation - Turla APT spies on Polish NGOs
2023-12-11Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jungsoo An, Vitor Ventura
Operation Blacksmith: Lazarus targets organizations worldwide using novel Telegram-based malware written in DLang
BottomLoader DLRAT HazyLoad NineRAT
2023-10-25Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Kazakhstan-associated YoroTrooper disguises origin of attacks as Azerbaijan
Ave Maria Loda YoroTrooper
2023-09-19Cisco TalosArnaud Zobec, Asheer Malhotra, Caitlin Huey, Sean Taylor, Vitor Ventura
New ShroudedSnooper actor targets telecommunications firms in the Middle East with novel Implants
HTTPSnoop PipeSnoop LightBasin ShroudedSnooper
2023-08-24Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jungsoo An, Vitor Ventura
Lazarus Group's infrastructure reuse leads to discovery of new malware
Collection RAT
2023-08-24Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jungsoo An, Vitor Ventura
Lazarus Group exploits ManageEngine vulnerability to deploy QuiteRAT
2023-05-25YouTube (BSidesCharm)Asheer Malhotra
it’s all Magic(RAT) – A look into recent North Korean nation-state attacks
MagicRAT VSingle YamaBot
2023-03-14Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Talos uncovers espionage campaigns targeting CIS countries, embassies and EU health care agency
Poet RAT Loda Kasablanka YoroTrooper
2022-09-15TalosAsheer Malhotra, Guilherme Venere
Gamaredon APT targets Ukrainian government agencies in new campaign
2022-09-08Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jung soo An, Vitor Ventura
Lazarus and the tale of three RATs
MagicRAT MimiKatz VSingle YamaBot
2022-09-07Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jung soo An, Vitor Ventura
MagicRAT: Lazarus’ latest gateway into victim networks
MagicRAT Tiger RAT
2022-08-02Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Manjusaka: A Chinese sibling of Sliver and Cobalt Strike
Manjusaka Cobalt Strike Manjusaka
2022-05-05Cisco TalosAliza Berk, Asheer Malhotra, Jung soo An, Justin Thattil, Kendall McKay
Mustang Panda deploys a new wave of malware targeting Europe
Cobalt Strike Meterpreter PlugX Unidentified 094
2022-03-29Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Justin Thattil, Kendall McKay
Transparent Tribe campaign uses new bespoke malware to target Indian government officials
Crimson RAT
2022-03-10TalosArnaud Zobec, Asheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Iranian linked conglomerate MuddyWater comprised of regionally focused subgroups
2022-02-02CiscoAsheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Arid Viper APT targets Palestine with new wave of politically themed phishing attacks, malware
2022-01-31CiscoAsheer Malhotra, Vitor Ventura
Iranian APT MuddyWater targets Turkish users via malicious PDFs, executables
2021-11-16CiscoAsheer Malhotra, Chetan Raghuprasad, Vanja Svajcer
Attackers use domain fronting technique to target Myanmar with Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike
2021-11-10Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jungsoo An, Kendall McKay
North Korean attackers use malicious blogs to deliver malware to high-profile South Korean targets
2021-10-19Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra
Malicious campaign uses a barrage of commodity RATs to target Afghanistan and India
DCRat Quasar RAT