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2023-05-25cybleCyble, Cyble Research Labs
Invicta Stealer Spreading Through Phony GoDaddy Refund Invoices
Invicta Stealer
2022-10-20cybleCyble Research Labs
New Temp Stealer Spreading Via Free & Cracked Software
2022-08-09cybleCyble Research Labs
Bitter APT Group Using “Dracarys” Android Spyware
2022-08-02cybleCyble Research Labs
Fake Atomic Wallet Website Distributing Mars Stealer
Mars Stealer
2022-07-27cybleCyble Research Labs
Targeted Attacks Being Carried Out Via DLL SideLoading
Cobalt Strike QakBot
2022-07-12cybleCyble Research Labs
New Ransomware Groups On The Rise: “RedAlert,” LILITH And 0mega Leading A Wave Of Ransomware Campaigns
RedAlert Ransomware Lilith
2022-07-07cybleCyble Research Labs
NoMercy Stealer Adding New Features: New Stealer Rapidly Evolving Into Clipper Malware
2022-07-05cybleCyble Research Labs
Lockbit 3.0 – Ransomware Group Launches New Version
2022-06-30cybleCyble Research Labs
PennyWise Stealer: An Evasive Infostealer Leveraging YouTube To Infect Users
PennyWise Stealer
2022-06-29cybleCyble Research Labs
Bahamut Android Malware Returns With New Spying Capabilities
2022-06-23cybleCyble Research Labs
Matanbuchus Loader Resurfaces
Cobalt Strike Matanbuchus
2022-06-13cybleCyble Research Labs
Hydra Android Malware Distributed Via Play Store
2022-06-01cybleCyble Research Labs
Hazard Token Grabber: Upgraded Version Of Stealer Targeting Discord Users
2022-05-25cybleCyble Research Labs
ERMAC Back In Action: Latest Version Of Android Banking Trojan Targets Over 400 Applications
2022-05-12cybleCyble Research Labs
A Closer Look At Eternity Malware: Threat Actors Leveraging Telegram To Build Malware
DynamicStealer Eternity Clipper Eternity Ransomware Eternity Stealer Eternity Worm
2022-05-06cybleCyble Research Labs
Rebranded Babuk Ransomware In Action: DarkAngels Ransomware Performs Targeted Attack