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BanPolMex RAT

Actor(s): Lazarus Group

BanPolMex is a remote access trojan that uses TCP for communication.

It uses an RC4-like stream cipher called Spritz for encryption of its configuration and network traffic.

It sends detailed information about the victim's environment, like computer name, Windows version, free space of memory and all drives, processor identifier and architecture, system locale, system metrics, manufacturer, and network configuration.

It supports almost 30 commands that include operations on the victim’s filesystem, basic process management, file exfiltration, and the download and execution of additional tools from the attacker’s C&C server. As in many RATs from Lazarus arsenal, the commands are indexed by 32-bit integers. However, in this case the indicis are convertible into a meaningful ASCII representation, that even suggests the functionality: SLEP, HIBN, DRIV, DIR, DIRP, CHDR, RUN, RUNX, DEL, WIPE, MOVE, FTIM, NEWF, DOWN, ZDWN, UPLD, PVEW, PKIL, CMDL, DIE, GCFG, SCFG, TCON, PEEX, PEIN.

It has aclui.dll as the internal DLL name. It contains statically linked code from open-source libraries like libcurl (version 7.47.1) or zLib (version 0.15).

BanPolMex RAT was delivered for victims of a watering hole campaign targeting employees of Polish and Mexican banks, that was discovered in February 2017. It is usually loaded by HOTWAX.

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