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2022-01-11ESET ResearchMichal Poslušný
Signed kernel drivers – Unguarded gateway to Windows’ core
InvisiMole LoJax RobinHood Slingshot
2020-01-31Virus BulletinMichal Poslušný, Peter Kálnai
Rich Headers: leveraging this mysterious artifact of the PE format
Dridex Exaramel Industroyer Neutrino RCS Sathurbot
2018-10-03Virus BulletinMichal Poslušný, Peter Kálnai
Lazarus Group A Mahjong Game Played with Different Sets of Tiles
Bankshot BanPolMex RAT FuwuqiDrama HOTWAX KillDisk (Lazarus) NACHOCHEESE REDSHAWL WannaCryptor
2018-05-25ESET ResearchMichal Poslušný
BackSwap malware finds innovative ways to empty bank accounts
2018-01-26ESET ResearchMichal Poslušný
FriedEx: BitPaymer ransomware the work of Dridex authors
Dridex FriedEx
2017-09-28ESET ResearchMichal Poslušný, Peter Kálnai
Money‑making machine: Monero‑mining malware
Monero Miner