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Cobian RAT

There is no description at this point.

Malware development: persistence - part 1. Registry run keys. C++ example.
Agent Tesla Amadey BlackEnergy Cobian RAT COZYDUKE Emotet Empire Downloader Kimsuky
2021-06-29YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire
The "WayBack” Campaign: a Large Scale Operation Hiding in Plain Sight
Agent Tesla Cobian RAT Oski Stealer
2017-09-01Security AffairsPierluigi Paganini
Vxer is offering Cobian RAT in the underground, but it is backdoored
Cobian RAT
2017-08-31ZscalerAbhay Yadav, Atinderpal Singh, Deepen Desai
Cobian RAT - A backdoored RAT
Cobian RAT

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