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2022-09-01ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Brett Stone-Gross
No Honor Among Thieves - Prynt Stealer’s Backdoor Exposed
DarkEye Prynt Stealer WorldWind
2022-08-01ZscalerAtinderpal Singh
Technical Analysis of Industrial Spy Ransomware
Industrial Spy
2021-04-14ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Rohit Chaturvedi, Tarun Dewan
A look at HydroJiin campaign
NetWire RC Quasar RAT
2020-09-29ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Mohd Sadique
Spear Phishing Campaign Delivers Buer and Bazar Malware
BazarBackdoor Buer
2020-06-19ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Nirmal Singh, Sahil Antil
Targeted Attack Leverages India-China Border Dispute to Lure Victims
Cobalt Strike
2020-06-11ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Sudeep Singh
The Return of the Higaisa APT
Unidentified 076 (Higaisa LNK to Shellcode)
2020-04-09ZscalerAbhay Yadav, Atinderpal Singh
TrickBot Emerges with a Few New Tricks
2020-01-16ZscalerAmandeep Kumar, Atinderpal Singh, Rajdeepsinh Dodia
FTCODE Ransomware - New Version Includes Stealing Capabilities
2019-10-30ZscalerAbhay Yadav, Atinderpal Singh
Emotet is back in action after a short break
2017-08-31ZscalerAbhay Yadav, Atinderpal Singh, Deepen Desai
Cobian RAT - A backdoored RAT
Cobian RAT
2016-09-16ZscalerAtinderpal Singh
iSpy Keylogger
iSpy Keylogger