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2023-10-03Luca Mella
Lighting the Exfiltration Infrastructure of a LockBit Affiliate (and more)
LockBit LockBit Conti LockBit
2023-04-17B42 LabsLuca Mella
Data Insights from Russian Cyber Militants: NoName05716
2023-03-26Luca Mella
Updates from the MaaS: new threats delivered through NullMixer
Fabookie Nullmixer PseudoManuscrypt Raccoon RedLine Stealer
2023-03-12Luca Mella
Makop: The Toolkit of a Criminal Gang
Makop Ransomware
2023-02-17Twitter (@luc4m)Luca Mella
Tweets about Darkbit's intermittent encryption
2022-03-08YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Conti Ransomware source code: a well-designed COTS ransomware
2022-02-26YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
DiskKill/HermeticWiper, a disruptive cyber-weapon targeting Ukraine’s critical infrastructures
2021-12-17YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Serverless InfoStealer delivered in Est European Countries
Agent Tesla
2021-11-16YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Office Documents: May the XLL technique change the threat Landscape in 2022?
Agent Tesla Dridex Formbook
2021-10-01YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Spectre v4.0: the speed of malware threats after the pandemics
Spectre Rat
2021-09-24YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire
Hunting the LockBit Gang's Exfiltration Infrastructures
LockBit StealBit
2021-08-31YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire, Yoroi
Financial Institutions in the Sight of New JsOutProx Attack Waves
2021-06-29YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire
The "WayBack” Campaign: a Large Scale Operation Hiding in Plain Sight
Agent Tesla Cobian RAT Oski Stealer
2021-04-16YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire, ZLAB-Yoroi
Ransomware micro-criminals are still out here (and growing)
2021-03-16YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire
Threatening within Budget: How WSH-RAT is abused by Cyber-Crooks
2021-02-04YoroiLuca Mella, Luigi Martire
Connecting the dots inside the Italian APT Landscape
2021-01-12YoroiAntonio Pirozzi, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Opening “STEELCORGI”: A Sophisticated APT Swiss Army Knife
2020-11-30YoroiAntonio Pirozzi, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Shadows From The Past Threaten Italian Enterprises
Rekoobe LaZagne Responder MimiKatz win.rekoobe
2020-05-22YoroiAntonio Pirozzi, Giacomo d'Onofrio, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Cyber-Criminal espionage Operation insists on Italian Manufacturing
Agent Tesla
2020-05-06YoroiDavide Testa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
New Cyber Operation Targets Italy: Digging Into the Netwire Attack Chain
NetWire RC