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Actor(s): APT29, Lazarus Group

sRDI allows for the conversion of DLL files to position independent shellcode. It attempts to be a fully functional PE loader supporting proper section permissions, TLS callbacks, and sanity checks. It can be thought of as a shellcode PE loader strapped to a packed DLL.

2023-09-29ESET ResearchPeter Kálnai
Lazarus luring employees with trojanized coding challenges: The case of a Spanish aerospace company
CLOUDBURST LightlessCan miniBlindingCan sRDI
2023-09-22MandiantDan Black, Josh Atkins, Luke Jenkins
Backchannel Diplomacy: APT29’s Rapidly Evolving Diplomatic Phishing Operations
Brute Ratel C4 Cobalt Strike EnvyScout GraphDrop QUARTERRIG sRDI Unidentified 107 (APT29)
2022-09-14MandiantJames Maclachlan, Mathew Potaczek, Matt Williams, Nino Isakovic, Yash Gupta
It's Time to PuTTY! DPRK Job Opportunity Phishing via WhatsApp
BLINDINGCAN miniBlindingCan sRDI
2022-06-17Github (monoxgas)Nick Landers
sRDI - Shellcode Reflective DLL Injection

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