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2022-01-11IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger, Nicole Fishbein, Ryan Robinson
New SysJoker Backdoor Targets Windows, Linux, and macOS
SysJoker SysJoker SysJoker
2021-09-13IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger, Joakim Kennedy, Ryan Robinson
Vermilion Strike: Linux and Windows Re-implementation of Cobalt Strike
Vermilion Strike Vermilion Strike
2021-07-14IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger
Targeted Phishing Attack against Ukrainian Government Expands to Georgia
Unidentified 083 (AutoIT Stealer)
2021-03-10IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger, Joakim Kennedy
New Linux Backdoor RedXOR Likely Operated by Chinese Nation-State Actor
2021-02-17IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger
ELF Malware Analysis 101: Part 3 - Advanced Analysis
2021-01-05IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger
Operation ElectroRAT: Attacker Creates Fake Companies to Drain Your Crypto Wallets
2020-12-29IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger
Early Bird Catches the Worm: New Golang Worm Drops XMRig Miner on Servers
2020-11-24IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger
Stantinko’s Proxy After Your Apache Server
2020-10-01IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger, Nicole Fishbein
A Storm is Brewing: IPStorm Now Has Linux Malware
2020-08-19IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger
ELF Malware Analysis 101 Part 2: Initial Analysis