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2023-05-18IntezerRyan Robinson
How Hackers Use Binary Padding to Outsmart Sandboxes and Infiltrate Your Systems
2022-07-21IntezerRyan Robinson
Lightning Framework: New Undetected “Swiss Army Knife” Linux Malware
Lightning Framework
2022-03-28IntezerJoakim Kennedy, Ryan Robinson
New Conversation Hijacking Campaign Delivering IcedID
IcedID PhotoLoader
2022-01-11IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger, Nicole Fishbein, Ryan Robinson
New SysJoker Backdoor Targets Windows, Linux, and macOS
SysJoker SysJoker SysJoker
2021-09-13IntezerAvigayil Mechtinger, Joakim Kennedy, Ryan Robinson
Vermilion Strike: Linux and Windows Re-implementation of Cobalt Strike
Vermilion Strike Vermilion Strike
2021-08-18IntezerRyan Robinson
Cobalt Strike: Detect this Persistent Threat
Cobalt Strike
2021-07-07IntezerNicole Fishbein, Ryan Robinson
Global Phishing Campaign Targets Energy Sector and its Suppliers
2021-06-17IntezerRyan Robinson
Klingon RAT Holding on for Dear Life