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2023-08-30Trend MicroGilbert Sison, Hara Hiroaki, Lenart Bermejo, Leon M Chang, Ted Lee
Earth Estries Targets Government, Tech for Cyberespionage
Cobalt Strike HemiGate Earth Estries
2023-05-02Trend MicroHara Hiroaki, Ted Lee
Attack on Security Titans: Earth Longzhi Returns With New Tricks
Croxloader SPHijacker Earth Longzhi
2023-02-08Trend MicroTed Lee
Earth Zhulong: Familiar Patterns Target Southeast Asian Firms
Cobalt Strike MACAMAX 1937CN
2022-11-09Trend MicroHara Hiroaki, Ted Lee
Hack the Real Box: APT41’s New Subgroup Earth Longzhi
Cobalt Strike MimiKatz Earth Longzhi
2022-09-02Trend MicroNick Dai, Ted Lee, Vickie Su
Buzzing in the Background: BumbleBee, a New Modular Backdoor Evolved From BookWorm
2021-12-14Trend MicroNick Dai, Ted Lee, Vickie Su
Collecting In the Dark: Tropic Trooper Targets Transportation and Government
ChiserClient Ghost RAT Lilith Quasar RAT xPack APT23
2021-08-25Trend MicroHara Hiroaki, Ted Lee
Earth Baku An APT Group Targeting Indo-Pacific Countries With New Stealth Loaders and Backdoor
Cobalt Strike SideWalk