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2023-08-30Trend MicroGilbert Sison, Hara Hiroaki, Lenart Bermejo, Leon M Chang, Ted Lee
Earth Estries Targets Government, Tech for Cyberespionage
Cobalt Strike HemiGate Earth Estries
2023-05-09TrendmicroGilbert Sison, Khristian Joseph Morales
Managed XDR Investigation of Ducktail in Trend Micro Vision One
2021-12-17Trend MicroAbraham Camba, Gilbert Sison, Jay Yaneza, Jonna Santos
Staging a Quack: Reverse Analyzing a Fileless QAKBOT Stager
2021-09-27Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Gilbert Sison, Joelson Soares, Ryan Maglaque, Warren Sto.Tomas
Fake Installers Drop Malware and Open Doors for Opportunistic Attackers
RedLine Stealer Socelars Vidar
2021-01-20Trend MicroAbraham Camba, Gilbert Sison, Ryan Maglaque
XDR investigation uncovers PlugX, unique technique in APT attack
2020-12-15Trend MicroBuddy Tancio, Gilbert Sison, Lenart Bermejo
Finding APTX: Attacks via MITRE TTPs
2020-11-20Trend MicroAbraham Camba, Bren Matthew Ebriega, Gilbert Sison
Weaponizing Open Source Software for Targeted Attacks
LaZagne Defray PlugX
2020-09-14Trend MicroAbraham Camba, Aprilyn Borja, Gilbert Sison, Jay Yaneza, Khristoffer Jocson, Ryan Maglaque
Analysis of a Convoluted Attack Chain Involving Ngrok
2019-04-15Trend MicroGilbert Sison, Ryan Maglaque
Account With Admin Privileges Abused to Install BitPaymer Ransomware via PsExec
2018-01-15Trend MicroAlfredo Oliveira, Gilbert Sison, Jay Yaneza, Rheniel Ramos
New KillDisk Variant Hits Financial Organizations in Latin America
KillDisk (Lazarus) Lazarus Group
2017-06-19Trend MicroGilbert Sison, Jeanne Jocson, Ziv Chang
Erebus Resurfaces as Linux Ransomware
2017-03-28Trend MicroGilbert Sison
Cerber Starts Evading Machine Learning