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2020-08-06KELARaveed Laeb, Victoria Kivilevich
The Secret Life of an Initial Access Broker
2020-08-03KELASharon Bitton, Victoria Kivilevich
2020-07-22KELARaveed Laeb
Slacking Off – Slack and the Corporate Attack Surface Landscape
2020-06-08KELARaveed Laeb
Schrodinger’s Threat – MagBo Adapts Access Control Policies
2020-05-30KELASharon Bitton, Victoria Kivilevich
Exposing the UAE’s Underground Digital Dangers: The Attack Surface of One of the Most Digitally Advanced Countries in the Arab World
2020-05-13KELARaveed Laeb
Access-as-a-Service – Remote Access Markets in the Cybercrime Underground
2020-05-10KELANoy Reuveni
The Duties Beyond Assisting the Public: Darknet Threats Against Canadian Health & Support Organizations
2020-02-26KELALeon Kurolapnik, Raveed Laeb
What’s Dead May Never Die: AZORult Infostealer Decommissioned Again
2020-02-21KELARaveed Laeb
Exploring the Genesis Supply Chain for Fun and Profit: Part 1 – Misadventures in GUIDology
2020-02-19KELAKELA’s Research Team
Uncovering the Anonymity Cloak
2020-01-26KELARaveed Laeb
One Attacker’s Trash is Another Attacker’s Treasure: A New Ecosystem Drives Cybercrime Innovation