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2022-07-13KELAKELA Cyber Intelligence Center
The Next Generation of Info Stealers
Arkei Stealer Azorult BlackGuard Eternity Stealer Ginzo Stealer Mars Stealer MetaStealer Raccoon RedLine Stealer Vidar
2021-11-08KELAKELA Cyber Intelligence Center
Ain’t No Actor Trustworthy Enough: The importance of validating sources
2021-10-25KELAVictoria Kivilevich
Will the REvil Story Finally be Over?
REvil REvil
2021-09-06KELAVictoria Kivilevich
The Ideal Ransomware Victim: What Attackers Are Looking For
BlackMatter Cryakl
2021-08-24KELAKELA Cyber Intelligence Center
LockBit 2.0 Interview with Russian OSINT
2021-08-02KELAVictoria Kivilevich
All Access Pass: Five Trends with Initial Access Brokers
2021-07-28KELAVictoria Kivilevich
New Russian-Speaking Forum – A New Place for RaaS?
2021-07-08KELAVictoria Kivilevich
Ransomware Gangs are Starting to Look Like Ocean’s 11
2021-03-07KELASharon Bitton, Victoria Kivilevich
Australian Mining Companies and Cybercriminals Digging for the Gold
2021-02-16KELASharon Bitton, Victoria Kivilevich
Dark Net Markets Going Out of Business: Where are Users Headed to Next?
2021-01-31KELAVictoria Kivilevich
$1 Million is Just the Beginning: Q4 2020 in Network Access Sales
2021-01-04KELAAlmog Zoosman, Victoria Kivilevich
Darknet Threat Actors Are Not Playing Games with the Gaming Industry
2020-12-03KELAVictoria Kivilevich
Easy Way In? 5 Ransomware Victims Had Their Pulse Secure VPN Credentials Leaked
2020-11-18KELAVictoria Kivilevich
Zooming into Darknet Threats Targeting Japanese Organizations
Conti DoppelPaymer Egregor LockBit Maze REvil Snake
2020-10-12KELARaveed Laeb, Victoria Kivilevich
KELA’s 100 Over 100: September 2020 in Network Access Sales
2020-10-01KELAVictoria Kivilevich
To Attack or Not to Attack: Targeting the Healthcare Sector in the Underground Ecosystem
Conti DoppelPaymer Mailto Maze REvil Ryuk SunCrypt
2020-09-18KELARaveed Laeb, Victoria Kivilevich
The Initial Access Broker’s Toolbox – Remote Monitoring and Management
2020-09-14KELASharon Bitton, Victoria Kivilevich
Back to School: Why Cybercriminals Continue to Target the Education Sector | Part Two
2020-08-25KELAVictoria Kivilevich
How Ransomware Gangs Find New Monetization Schemes and Evolve in Marketing
Avaddon Clop DarkSide DoppelPaymer Mailto Maze MedusaLocker Mespinoza Nefilim RagnarLocker REvil Sekhmet
2020-08-24KELAVictoria Kivilevich
Torum is Dead. Long Live CryptBB?