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2022-05-09360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, Liu Ya, YANG XU
The data analysis behind the cyber attack on Beijing Healthbao
2022-04-13360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, YANG XU
New Threat: The Muffled Fodcha Botnet
2022-04-13360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, YANG XU
Fodcha, a new DDos botnet
2022-03-15360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang
New Threat: Linux Backdoor B1txor20 using DNS Tunnel technology is spreading through the Log4j vulnerability
2021-11-30360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang
EwDoor Botnet Is Attacking AT&T Customers
2021-11-18360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, litao3rd, YANG XU
The Pitfall of Threat Intelligence Whitelisting: Specter Botnet is 'taking over' Top Legit DNS Domains By Using ClouDNS Service
2021-11-12360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, YANG XU
Malware uses namesilo Parking pages and Google's custom pages to spread
2021-11-09360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang
Abcbot, an evolving botnet
2021-09-28NetlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, YANG XU
Mirai_ptea_Rimasuta variant is exploiting a new RUIJIE router 0 day to spread
2021-08-30360 netlabAlex.Turing, GenShen Ye, Hui Wang
The Mostly Dead Mozi and Its’ Lingering Bots
2021-07-01360 netlabAlex.Turing, Chai Linyuan, houliuyang, Hui Wang, Jinye
Mirai_ptea Botnet is Exploiting Undisclosed KGUARD DVR Vulnerability
2021-05-27360 netlabAlex.Turing, Chai Linyuan, Jinye
Analysis report of the Facefish rootkit
2021-03-12360 netlabAlex.Turing, liuyang, YANG XU
New Threat: ZHtrap botnet implements honeypot to facilitate finding more victims
2020-02-02360 netlabAlex.Turing, Hui Wang, Liu Yang
New Threat: Matryosh Botnet Is Spreading