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2023-11-09MandiantChris Sistrunk, Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Jared Wilson, John Wolfram, Keith Lunden, Ken Proska, Nathan Brubaker, Tyler McLellan
Sandworm Disrupts Power in Ukraine Using a Novel Attack Against Operational Technology
2022-04-25MandiantChris Sistrunk, Corey Hildebrandt, Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Keith Lunden, Ken Proska, Nathan Brubaker, Raymond Leong
INDUSTROYER.V2: Old Malware Learns New Tricks
2021-11-18MandiantChris Sistrunk, Daniel Kapellmann, Glen Chason, Ken Proska
Introducing Mandiant's Digital Forensics and Incident Response Framework for Embedded OT Systems