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2018-03-01CrySyS LabBoldizsar Bencsath
Territorial Dispute – NSA’s perspective on APT landscape
9002 RAT Agent.BTZ DuQu EYService Flame FlowerShop Stuxnet Uroburos
2017-01-03CrySyS LabBoldizsar Bencsath
Technical details on the Fancy Bear Android malware (poprd30.apk)
2013-03-20CrySyS LabCrySyS Lab
TeamSpy –Obshie manevri. Ispolzovat' tolko s razreshenija S-a.
TeamSpy Crew
2012-05-31CrySyS LabCrySyS Lab
sKyWIper (a.k.a. Flame a.k.a. Flamer): A complex malware for targeted attacks