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2024-03-26LumenChris Formosa, Danny Adamitis, Ryan English, Steve Rudd
The Darkside Of TheMoon
2022-01-05LumenDanny Adamitis, Steve Rudd
New Konni Campaign Kicks Off the New Year by Targeting Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2020-06-05PrevailionDanny Adamitis
The Gh0st Remains the Same
Ghost RAT
2020-05-06PrevailionDanny Adamitis
Phantom in the Command Shell
2020-02-06PrevailionDanny Adamitis
The Triune Threat: MasterMana Returns
Azorult Loki Password Stealer (PWS)
2020-01-07PrevailionDanny Adamitis
Summer Mirage
2019-09-11PrevailionDanny Adamitis, Elizabeth Wharton
Autumn Aperture
2019-07-09Talos IntelligenceDanny Adamitis, Paul Rascagnères
Sea Turtle Keeps on Swimming
2019-05-20CiscoDanny Adamitis, David Maynor, Kendall McKay
Recent MuddyWater-associated BlackWater campaign shows signs of new anti-detection techniques
2019-04-17Cisco TalosDanny Adamitis, David Maynor, Matthew Olney, Paul Rascagnères, Warren Mercer
DNS Hijacking Abuses Trust In Core Internet Service
Sea Turtle
2018-11-05CiscoDanny Adamitis, Eric Kuhla, Paul Rascagnères, Vitor Ventura, Warren Mercer
Persian Stalker pillages Iranian users of Instagram and Telegram