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2024-01-31IBM X-Force ExchangeIBM Security X-Force Team
CrackedCantil: A Malware Symphony Breakdown
Broomstick Analysis Report (IRIS-17079)
2024-01-05IBMIBM X-Force Exchange
Tomb Crypter and ChrGetPdsi Stealer Analysis Report (INT00011701)
Broomstick ChrGetPdsi Stealer
IceNova Malware Profile
Unidentified 111 (Latrodectus)
2023-11-21IBMCharlotte Hammond, Kat Metrick, Ole Villadsen
Stealthy WailingCrab Malware misuses MQTT Messaging Protocol
Gozi WikiLoader
2023-05-30IBM SecurityIBM Security X-Force Team
BlackCat (ALPHV) ransomware levels up for stealth, speed and exfiltration
BlackCat BlackCat
2023-04-14IBMCharlotte Hammond, Ole Villadsen
Ex-Conti and FIN7 Actors Collaborate with New Domino Backdoor
Minodo Nemesis
2023-03-30IBMFred Chidsey, John Dwyer, Joseph Lozowski
X-Force Prevents Zero Day from Going Anywhere
2022-11-29IBM X-Force ExchangeIBM IRIS
CargoBay BlackHat Backdoor Analysis Report (IRIS-14738)
2022-11-22IBM SecurityCharlotte Hammond
RansomExx upgrades to rust
RansomEXX RansomExx2
2022-09-01IBMEmmy Ebanks, Kevin Henson
Raspberry Robin and Dridex: Two Birds of a Feather
Dridex Raspberry Robin
2022-08-18IBMCharlotte Hammond, Ole Villadsen
From Ramnit To Bumblebee (via NeverQuest): Similarities and Code Overlap Shed Light On Relationships Between Malware Developers
BumbleBee Karius Ramnit TrickBot Vawtrak
2022-07-07IBMCharlotte Hammond, Kat Weinberger, Ole Villadsen
Unprecedented Shift: The Trickbot Group is Systematically Attacking Ukraine
AnchorMail BumbleBee Cobalt Strike IcedID Meterpreter
2022-05-26IBMDave McMillen, Kevin Henson
Black Basta Besting Your Network?
Black Basta
2022-05-19IBMCharlotte Hammond, Golo Mühr, Ole Villadsen
ITG23 Crypters Highlight Cooperation Between Cybercriminal Groups
2022-04-26IBMClaire Zaboeva, David Bryant, Melissa Frydrych
Hive0117 Continues Fileless Malware Delivery in Eastern Europe
2022-03-04IBMJohn Dwyer, Kevin Henson
New Wiper Malware Used Against Ukranian Organizations
2022-02-25IBMCharlotte Hammond, Ole Villadsen
Trickbot Group’s AnchorDNS Backdoor Upgrades to AnchorMail
AnchorDNS AnchorMail
2022-02-24IBMAnne Jobmann, Christopher Del Fierro, Claire Zaboeva, John Dwyer, Richard Emerson
IBM Security X-Force Research Advisory: New Destructive Malware Used In Cyber Attacks on Ukraine
2022-02-02IBMKevin Henson
TrickBot Gang Uses Template-Based Metaprogramming in Bazar Malware
BazarBackdoor TrickBot