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2021-10-20MandiantJacob Thompson
Hidden in Plain Sight: Identifying Cryptography in BLACKMATTER Ransomware
2021-04-20FireEyeDan Perez, Dimiter Andonov, Greg Wood, Jacob Thompson, Jonathan Lepore, Josh Triplett, Joshua Villanueva, Regina Elwell, Sarah Jones, Stephen Eckels, Stroz Friedberg
Check Your Pulse: Suspected APT Actors Leverage Authentication Bypass Techniques and Pulse Secure Zero-Day
2020-11-12BrightTALK (FireEye)Jacob Thompson, Justin Moore
Living Off The Land on a Private Island: An Overview of UNC1945
2020-11-04FireEyeJacob Thompson, Jeffrey Martin, Rapid7
In Wild Critical Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Solaris Can Allow Remote Takeover — CVE-2020-14871
2020-05-12FireEyeJacob Thompson
Analyzing Dark Crystal RAT, a C# backdoor