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2019-10-16Jay Rosenberg
Mirage MirageFox APT15
2018-10-03IntezerJay Rosenberg
APT37: Final1stspy Reaping the FreeMilk
Final1stSpy RokRAT
2018-08-17IntezerJay Rosenberg
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Foudre
Infy Infy
2018-03-28IntezerJay Rosenberg
Lazarus Group Targets More Cryptocurrency Exchanges and FinTech Companies
Unidentified 042
2017-11-13IntezerJay Rosenberg
IcedID Banking Trojan Shares Code with Pony 2.0 Trojan
IcedID IcedID Downloader
2017-11-01IntezerJay Rosenberg
Silence of the Moles
2017-10-24IntezerJay Rosenberg
NotPetya Returns as Bad Rabbit
2017-10-02IntezerJay Rosenberg
Evidence Aurora Operation Still Active Part 2: More Ties Uncovered Between CCleaner Hack & Chinese Hackers
CCleaner Backdoor
2017-09-20IntezerJay Rosenberg
Evidence Aurora Operation Still Active: Supply Chain Attack Through CCleaner
CCleaner Backdoor