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2022-07-20Trend MicroBuddy Tancio, Erika Mendoza, Jessie Prevost, Joelson Soares, Nusrath Iqra
Analyzing Penetration-Testing Tools That Threat Actors Use to Breach Systems and Steal Data
2021-09-27Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Gilbert Sison, Joelson Soares, Ryan Maglaque, Warren Sto.Tomas
Fake Installers Drop Malware and Open Doors for Opportunistic Attackers
RedLine Stealer Socelars Vidar
2021-08-04Trend MicroJanus Agcaoili, Jessie Prevost, Joelson Soares, Ryan Maglaque
Supply Chain Attacks from a Managed Detection and Response Perspective
2018-11-20Trend MicroJoelson Soares, Lenart Bermejo
Lazarus Continues Heists, Mounts Attacks on Financial Organizations in Latin America