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2024-01-09Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Charles Steven Derion, Francisrey Joshua Castillo, Henry Salcedo, Ian Kenefick, John Carlo Marquez, John Rainier Navato, Joshua Aquino, Juhn Emmanuel Atanque, Raymart Yambot, Shinji Robert Arasawa
Black Basta-Affiliated Water Curupira’s Pikabot Spam Campaign
Pikabot Water Curupira
2023-06-23TrendmicroArianne Dela Cruz, Ieriz Nicolle Gonzalez, Ivan Nicole Chavez, Nathaniel Morales, Paul Pajares
An Overview of the Different Versions of the Trigona Ransomware
2022-05-25Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Byron Gelera, McJustine De Guzman, Warren Sto.Tomas
New Linux-Based Ransomware Cheerscrypt Targets ESXi Devices
2022-01-18Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Bren Matthew Ebriega, Don Ovid Ladores, Mary Yambao
New Ransomware Spotted: White Rabbit and Its Evasion Tactics
2021-09-27Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Gilbert Sison, Joelson Soares, Ryan Maglaque, Warren Sto.Tomas
Fake Installers Drop Malware and Open Doors for Opportunistic Attackers
RedLine Stealer Socelars Vidar
2021-05-06Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Cris Tomboc, Jayson Chong, Nikki Madayag, Sean Torre
Proxylogon: A Coinminer, a Ransomware, and a Botnet Join the Party
BlackKingdom Ransomware CHINACHOPPER Lemon Duck Prometei