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2024-03-04LogpointAnish Bogati
Inside DarkGate: Exploring the infection chain and capabilities
2023-08-23LogpointAnish Bogati, Nischal khadgi
Defending Against 8base: Uncovering Their Arsenal and Crafting Responses
8Base Phobos SmokeLoader SystemBC
2023-03-23LogpointAnish Bogati
Emerging Threats: AgentTesla – A Review and Detection Strategies
Agent Tesla
2023-01-05LogpointAnish Bogati
A crowning achievement: Exploring the exploit of Royal ransomware
Royal Ransom
2022-10-18LogpointAnish Bogati, Nilaa Maharjan
Hunting Lockbit Variation
Buzz of the Bumblebee – A new malicious loader