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2022-05-12CiscoMaría José Erquiaga, Onur Mustafa Erdogan
Network Footprints of Gamaredon Group
2022-03-28CiscoAdela Jezkova, María José Erquiaga, Onur Erdogan
Emotet is Back
2020-12-04Stratosphere LaboratoryLisandro Ubiedo, María José Erquiaga, Sebastian García, Thomas O'Hara, Veronica Valeros
Current State of IPv6 Security in IoT
2019-10-01Virus BulletinAnna Shirokova, María José Erquiaga, Sebastian García
Geost botnet. The story of the discovery of a new Android banking trojan from an OpSec error
2019-04-12Stratosphere LabMaría José Erquiaga
Analysis of an IRC based Botnet