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2023-12-01Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on Danabot leading to cactus ransomware
Cactus DanaBot Storm-1044
2023-10-13Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on Storm-1575 and Dadsec phishing platform
2023-10-11Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on Storm-0062 exploiting CVE-2023-22515
2023-08-28Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on AiTM phishing trends
2023-07-19Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on targeted attacks against the defense sector in Ukraine and Eastern Europe by the threat actor Secret Blizzard
DeliveryCheck Kazuar
2022-09-17Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on click fraud activity DEV-0796
Phlox Tempest
2022-06-11Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Threat Intelligence
Tweet on DEV-0401, DEV-0234 exploiting Confluence RCE CVE-2022-26134
Kinsing Mirai Cobalt Strike Lilac Typhoon
2022-05-06Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Twitter Thread on initial infeciton of SocGholish/ FAKEUPDATES campaigns lead to BLISTER Loader, CobaltStrike, Lockbit and followed by Hands On Keyboard activity
FAKEUPDATES Blister Cobalt Strike LockBit
2021-10-21Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on new variant of mac malware UpdateAgent/WizardUpdate
2021-09-25Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Thread on Malicious Android apps posing as bank loan services are being widely distributed to targets in Asia
Unidentified APK 006
2021-07-24Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on attackers increasingly using HTML smuggling in phishing and other email campaigns to deliver Casbaneiro
2021-06-11Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on solarmarker/Jupyter malware
2021-05-20Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on Java-based STRRAT malware campaign distributed via email
2021-05-11Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on Snip3 crypter delivering AsyncRAT or AgentTesla
Agent Tesla AsyncRAT
2021-03-02Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on Gootkit malware campaign
2020-10-06Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on TA505 threat actor exploiting Zerologon (CVE-2020-1472) Vulnerability
2020-08-27Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
Tweet on Anubis Stealer
2020-06-17Twitter (@MsftSecIntel)Microsoft Security Intelligence
A tweet thread on TA505 using CAPTCHA to avoid detection and infecting victims with FlawedGrace