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2024-01-30MandiantDiana Ion, Jae Young Kim, Muhammad Umair, Panagiotis Antoniou, Yash Gupta
Evolution of UNC4990: Uncovering USB Malware's Hidden Depths
QUIETBOARD Vetta Loader UNC4990
2023-03-16MandiantAlexander Marvi, BRAD SLAYBAUGH, DAN EBREO, Muhammad Umair, TINA JOHNSON, Tufail Ahmed
Fortinet Zero-Day and Custom Malware Used by Suspected Chinese Actor in Espionage Operation
2022-04-13MandiantCorey Hildebrandt, Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Keith Lunden, Ken Proska, Muhammad Umair, Nathan Brubaker, Rob Caldwell
INCONTROLLER: New State-Sponsored Cyber Attack Tools Target Multiple Industrial Control Systems
2018-09-18MandiantManish Sardiwal, Muhammad Umair, Zain Gardezi
Fallout Exploit Kit Used in Malvertising Campaign to Deliver GandCrab Ransomware
2017-10-19MandiantMuhammad Umair
Magniber Ransomware Wants to Infect Only the Right People