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UNC3886 is an advanced cyber espionage group with unique capabilities in how they operate on-network as well as the tools they utilize in their campaigns. UNC3886 has been observed targeting firewall and virtualization technologies which lack EDR support. Their ability to manipulate firewall firmware and exploit a zero-day indicates they have curated a deeper-level of understanding of such technologies. UNC3886 has modified publicly available malware, specifically targeting *nix operating systems.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2023-06-28MandiantAlexander Marvi, Greg Blaum, Ron Craft
Detection, Containment, and Hardening Opportunities for Privileged Guest Operations, Anomalous Behavior, and VMCI Backdoors on Compromised VMware Hosts
2023-06-13MandiantAlexander Marvi, BRAD SLAYBAUGH, Ron Craft, Rufus Brown
VMware ESXi Zero-Day Used by Chinese Espionage Actor to Perform Privileged Guest Operations on Compromised Hypervisors (UNC3886)
2023-03-16MandiantAlexander Marvi, BRAD SLAYBAUGH, DAN EBREO, Muhammad Umair, TINA JOHNSON, Tufail Ahmed
Fortinet Zero-Day and Custom Malware Used by Suspected Chinese Actor in Espionage Operation
2022-09-29MandiantAlexander Marvi, Jeremy Koppen, Jonathan Lepore, Tufail Ahmed
Bad VIB(E)s Part One: Investigating Novel Malware Persistence Within ESXi Hypervisors

Credits: MISP Project