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2022-10-13HPPatrick Schläpfer
Magniber Ransomware Adopts JavaScript, Targeting Home Users with Fake Software Updates
2022-07-15HPPatrick Schläpfer
Stealthy OpenDocument Malware Deployed Against Latin American Hotels
2022-06-06HPPatrick Schläpfer
SVCReady: A New Loader Gets Ready
2022-05-20HPPatrick Schläpfer
PDF Malware Is Not Yet Dead
404 Keylogger
2022-05-04HPPatrick Schläpfer
Tips for Automating IOC Extraction from GootLoader, a Changing JavaScript Malware
2022-04-12HPPatrick Schläpfer
Malware Campaigns Targeting African Banking Sector
CloudEyE Remcos
2022-02-08HPPatrick Schläpfer
Attackers Disguise RedLine Stealer as a Windows 11 Upgrade
RedLine Stealer
2022-01-14HPPatrick Schläpfer
How Attackers Use XLL Malware to Infect Systems
2021-12-09HPPatrick Schläpfer
Emotet’s Return: What’s Different?
2021-11-23HPPatrick Schläpfer
RATDispenser: Stealthy JavaScript Loader Dispensing RATs into the Wild
AdWind Ratty STRRAT CloudEyE Formbook Houdini Panda Stealer Remcos
2021-09-19HPPatrick Schläpfer
MirrorBlast and TA505: Examining Similarities in Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
2021-07-30HPPatrick Schläpfer
Detecting TA551 domains
Valak Dridex IcedID ISFB QakBot
2021-06-28HPPatrick Schläpfer
Snake Keylogger’s Many Skins: Analysing Code Reuse Among Infostealers
404 Keylogger Phoenix Keylogger
2021-04-14HPPatrick Schläpfer
From PoC to Exploit Kit: Purple Fox now exploits CVE-2021-26411
2021-01-19HPPatrick Schläpfer
Dridex Malicious Document Analysis: Automating the Extraction of Payload URLs