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STRRAT is a Java-based RAT, which makes extensive use of plugins to provide full remote access to an attacker, as well as credential stealing, key logging and additional plugins. The RAT has a focus on stealing credentials of browsers and email clients, and passwords via keylogging. It supports the following browsers and email clients: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Foxmail, Outlook, Thunderbird.

Since Version 1.2 and above, STRRAT was infamous for its ransomware-like behavior of appending the file name extension .crimson to files. Version 1.5 is notably more obfuscated and modular than previous versions, but the backdoor functions mostly remain the same: collect browser passwords, run remote commands and PowerShell, log keystrokes, among others. Version 1.5 of STRRAT Malware includes a proper encryption routine, though currently pretty simple to revert.

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