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2023-09-22R136a1Dominik Reichel
More on DreamLand
2022-07-19R136a1Dominik Reichel
A look into APT29's new early-stage Google Drive downloader
BEATDROP BOOMBOX Gdrive Unidentified 098 (APT29 Slack Downloader)
2022-06-18R136a1Dominik Reichel
Using dotnetfile to get a Sunburst timeline for intelligence gathering
2022-05-22R136a1Dominik Reichel
Introduction of a PE file extractor for various situations
Cobalt Strike Matanbuchus
2020-01-24Github (TheEnergyStory)R136a1
Project TajMahal IOCs and Registry Data Decrypter
Chaperone ForumsR136a1
Trojan.GodzillaLoader (alias Godzilla Loader)
Godzilla Loader
South Korea Incident - New Malware samples
concealment_troy httpdropper http_troy
2012-12-15Malware Reversing BlogR136a1
Disclosure of another 0day malware - Initial Dropper and Downloader (Part 1)
Disclosure of another 0day malware - Analysis of 2nd Dropper and 3rd Dropper (Part 2)