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2023-03-31Reversing LabsKarlo Zanki
Red flags flew over software supply chain-compromised 3CX update
3CX Backdoor
2022-08-04Reversing LabsJoseph Edwards
GwisinLocker ransomware targets South Korean industrial and pharma firms
2022-06-28Reversing LabsJoseph Edwards
Smash-and-grab: AstraLocker 2.0 pushes ransomware direct from Office docs
2021-04-28Reversing LabsKarlo Zanki
Spotting malicious Excel4 macros
2021-04-01Reversing LabsRobert Simmons
Code Reuse Across Packers and DLL Loaders
IcedID SystemBC
2021-03-12Reversing LabsRobert Simmons
DotNET Loaders
Revenge RAT
2020-12-07Reversing LabsKarlo Zanki
Rana Android Malware Your past catches up, sooner or later...
2020-03-25Reversing LabsKarlo Zanki
Unpacking the Kwampirs RAT
2019-08-05Reversing LabsTomislav Pericin
Catching lateral movement in internal emails
2017-10-26Reversing LabsNone
ReversingLabs' YARA rule detects BadRabbit encryption routine specifics