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2024-04-04MandiantAshley Pearson, Austin Larsen, Billy Wong, John Wolfram, Joseph Pisano, Josh Murchie, Lukasz Lamparski, Matt Lin, Ron Craft, Ryan Hall, Shawn Chew, Tyler McLellan
Cutting Edge, Part 4: Ivanti Connect Secure VPN Post-Exploitation Lateral Movement Case Studies
2023-06-28MandiantAlexander Marvi, Greg Blaum, Ron Craft
Detection, Containment, and Hardening Opportunities for Privileged Guest Operations, Anomalous Behavior, and VMCI Backdoors on Compromised VMware Hosts
2023-06-13MandiantAlexander Marvi, BRAD SLAYBAUGH, Ron Craft, Rufus Brown
VMware ESXi Zero-Day Used by Chinese Espionage Actor to Perform Privileged Guest Operations on Compromised Hypervisors (UNC3886)