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2023-10-25SUCURIBen Martin
FakeUpdateRU Chrome Update Infection Spreads Trojan Malware
2022-08-16SUCURIDenis Sinegubko
SocGholish: 5+ Years of Massive Website Infections
2022-08-09SUCURILuke Leal
Fake Instagram Verification & Twitter Badge Phishing
2022-07-19SUCURIMatt Morrow
PrestaShop Skimmer Concealed in One Page Checkout Module
2022-05-17SUCURIDenis Sinegubko
X-Cart Skimmer with DOM-based Obfuscation
2021 Website Threat Research Report
2021-11-15SUCURIBen Martin
Fake Ransomware Infection Spooks Website Owners
2021-09-01SUCURIBen Martin
Analysis of a Phishing Kit (that targets Chase Bank)
2021-07-28SUCURIBen Martin
Stylish Magento Card Stealer loads Without Script Tags
2021-07-07SUCURIBen Martin
Magecart Swiper Uses Unorthodox Concatenation
2021-05-28SUCURIBen Martin
WooCommerce Credit Card Skimmer Hides in Plain Sight
2021-03-18SUCURICesar Anjos
Server Side Data Exfiltration via Telegram API
2021-02-02SUCURIDenis Sinegubko
Whitespace Steganography Conceals Web Shell in PHP Malware
2021-01-14SUCURILuke Leal
Real-Time Phishing Kit Targets Brazilian Central Bank
2020-12-17SUCURIKrasimir Konov
The Dangers of Using Abandoned Plugins & Themes
2020-12-04SUCURILuke Leal
Obfuscation Techniques in MARIJUANA Shell “Bypass”
2020-12-01SUCURILuke Leal
“Free” Symchanger Malware Tricks Users Into Installing Backdoor
2020-11-26SUCURILuke Leal
Hackers Love Expired Domains
2020-11-05SUCURILuke Leal
ALFA TEaM Shell ~ v4.1-Tesla: A Feature Update Analysis
2020-11-02SUCURIDenis Sinegubko
CSS-JS Steganography in Fake Flash Player Update Malware
magecart NetSupportManager RAT
2020-09-25SUCURIKrasimir Konov
Magento Credit Card Stealing Malware: gstaticapi
2020-07-22SUCURIDenis Sinegubko
Skimmers in Images & GitHub Repos
2020-06-12SUCURIJustin Channell
What is the Gibberish Hack?
2020-06-05SUCURIDenis Sinegubko
Evasion Tactics in Hybrid Credit Card Skimmers
backdoor connectback