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2024-04-24SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Pakistani APTs Escalate Attacks on Indian Gov. Seqrite Labs Unveils Threats and Connections
AllaKore Crimson RAT
2023-12-21SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Operation RusticWeb targets Indian Govt: From Rust-based malware to Web-service exfiltration
Ares Unidentified 112 (Rust-based Stealer)
2023-11-06SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
SideCopy’s Multi-platform Onslaught: Leveraging WinRAR Zero-Day and Linux Variant of Ares RAT
Action RAT AllaKore
2023-06-15SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Double Action, Triple Infection, and a New RAT: SideCopy’s Persistent Targeting of Indian Defence
Action RAT
2023-05-02SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Transparent Tribe APT actively lures Indian Army amidst increased targeting of Educational Institutions
Crimson RAT
2023-03-15SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
SideCopy Continues to Target Indian Defense Organization
2023-02-01SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Uncovering LockBit Black’s Attack Chain and Anti-forensic activity
2023-01-11SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Calling from the Underground: An alternative way to penetrate corporate networks
2022-08-10Quick HealSathwik Ram Prakki
Indian Power Sector targeted with latest LockBit 3.0 variant